Welcome to Blessingplate.com and to our online family!  Our Greek family loves to gather, and we are thrilled to be able to gather again.  We always offer a blessing for the guest of honor before every celebratory meal.  We hope our new “Blue Blessing Plate” brings joy and blessings to your family table as well.

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Kitchen display of blue blessing plate

a meaningful gift!

Our Original blue Blessing Plate makes a great gift for any special event — weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, namedays. 

Each plate arrives in a gift box, which can double as a greeting card (use permanent marker or ballpoint pen).

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Send us your blessing plate photos! 

Emilia was excited to eat her birthday dinner on her special Blue Blessing Plate! We would love to share your Blue Blessing Plate photos in our gallery!  Please send an image to: [email protected]